We have a plethora of experience in catering and hosting events. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have an event; we'll handle all your needs.

Alkaline any Party or Event

We are more than happy to cater any size event or party! All you have to do is bring your appetite, and we'll do the rest!

  • For groups of all sizes
  • Includes all of our menu items
  • No minimums!
Vegan Time - vegan Pile up

What Others are Saying

"What a great spot to stop. We had a great experience and lunch at the park on our road trip. All the food is cooked with love, and we could feel it. Check it out! Go vegan 🌱  🍠"

natalie rizzo

All you need to bring is your appetite

We have catered multiple events on the Gulf Coast! Whether your party is vegan or non-vegan, our food is so tasty that everyone will love it.

Vegan Time - Vegan Taco

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